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5 Undeniable Reasons To Love Neon Signs

Neon lights are bright, vibrant and clear to the eyes. This is the reason they’ve have been in the limelight since the 1950s. Unlike other trends which fade away with time Neon lights signs are used widely in:

  • Restaurant, Bar and Lodge’s logo
  • Safety signs
  • Airport Strips
  • Direction Signs
  • Display Signs

In this post, we will discuss why everyone loves Neon Signboards and why it has been a signboard trend for decades?

Let’s dive in.

Neon Signs are highly visible and clear

The number one reason to fall for Neon signs is its high visibility and clarity. With eye-catching fonts and attention-seeking colorful lights, Neon signs have the ability to increase your brand presence and welcome more customers. 

Maybe you’re a new bar owner looking for customers to experience your services or a startup who needs good visibility in the competitive market. Neon lights are best for new business owners who need a boost to their market campaigns. 

Below are some benefits of using neon lights as a new business owner;

  • It helps you stand out in the competitive market and improve your customer reach.
  • With hundreds of transitions and styles to experiment with, you will be able to acknowledge how your marketing efforts are performing?
  • It is highly recommended to go with neon light signs if your business is active in the dark night hours, especially night clubs, lodges, casinos, theatres, and pubs.

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Customization options are unlimited

The second reason to love neon signs is its customization ability. It gives the neon design creator, the creative freedom to play with thousands of fonts, hundreds of transition effects and a variety of colors. Also, it is quite easy to set up and install neon signboards.

Neon signs are cost-effective and energy-efficient

Neon signboards don’t dig a hole in your pockets, this makes us fall in love with it for the third time. And the reason is:

Neon is the fifth most abundant element in the world right after carbon, oxygen, helium, and hydrogen. This makes it easily available, thereby cost-effective. 

Another advantage of using neon signs is that it is energy-efficient in nature and doesn’t waste or require an abundance of electricity to function properly.

The power requirement of neon signs is just 96 watts and cost only 20 cents a day when used all day. Neon signs even outlast electric bulbs and don’t bill you hundreds of dollars in electric bills. 

Neon lights are long-lasting and easy to install into operation

The vibrancy of neon lights can last for 5-10 years if it is serviced and maintained from time to time. It will thereby assist you in running your business in a tight budget without compromising on service quality. 

Adding further the setup and installation process of neon lights is easy. Please contact us and we will get everything done for you in an easy and hassle-free manner.

Neon lights advertise your business for you

Neon lights have been an advertising campaign trend for decades, thanks to its ability to seek the attention of a visitor. With vibrant color options, it secretly tells your customer the opening hours of your business, its purpose and also operationality (open/close).