Trendy Acrylic Designs in 2019

Design embarks a great impact in our lives. Be it our mobile phone cover or its UI or signboards design has the counter-intuitive ability to fascinate everyone and hold their attention. 

Do you know when a customer enters a shop what he notices first glance? It is the design of your signboard or brand name which makes your business appealing. As there is a famous saying ‘first impression is the last”, your signboard is indirectly responsible for creating that first impression on your customer.

Coming to signboards, there are many types of sign boards depending upon the need and purpose of the situation. Common signboards include:

Among these, acrylic signs are celebrated as the most stylish and cost-effective when it comes to design perspective.

What is acrylic signboard?

An acrylic signboard is a board made up of a durable material called Plexiglas. Acrylic sign boards are used mainly for small signboards and mostly utilized in:

  • Corporate office plaques
  • Brochure holders
  • Menu boards
  • Restaurant Signs
  • Nameplates and badges
  • Showroom Signs
  • Building names

Acrylic sign leaves a glossy crystal clear impression on the customer and is relatively small in size as compared to other signboards. 

Features of acrylic signboard

Acrylic signboards stand out in the sign hub with the following characteristics listed below:

  • Acrylic signboards are cost-effective and add a professional touch to business signage
  • The print on acrylic signboards lasts as long as 5 years, thereby making it a long-lasting signboard.
  • The customization options are unlimited when it comes to acrylic signboards. You can use attractive borders, make the letters more vibrant, use non-glare acrylic material to reduce glaring problems and design a flabbergasting logo on the acrylic board itself.
  • They’re of two types: Standard acrylic signboards and second surface acrylic signboards.
  • When we print on the front side of the acrylic signboard it is said to be standard acrylic signboard. On the other hand, when we print on the backside of acrylic, it is known as second surface acrylic signboards.
  • Both of acrylic boards have its advantages and disadvantages. Standard acrylic is cheaper and cleaner. On the other hand, second surface acrylic has deeper depth, better durability, and clarity.

5 Trending Acrylic Designs in 2019

Here are some popular acrylic designs of 2019:

1. The Elegant Look

The elegant look looks quite appealing and simple in nature. It also shows what your brand is about and its vision.

2. Creative and Funky Look

The creative and funky look is a great example of colour lettering. The fonts further make the design engaging and super cool.

3. The Clean LED Design

The LED acrylic signboard is one of the trending designs of 2019. As we can see the logo of the well-famed online battle royal game is so clean and well illustrated in the LED acrylic design.


4. Perfectly Crafted for Office Design

Using logo with fonts is the best way to represent your brand in office. It looks concise, clean and professional in nature just like a venture should be.

5. Frosted Acrylic Sign

Frosted Acrylic design boards are eye-catching and one of the most popular signboards design of 2019.